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Tom Brennan – Collecting Shadows, Feb/March 2014



Describing this show, the artist wrote:

“Here are photographs made without a camera, an approach that dates to the early 19th century when Fox-Talbot used the term photogenic drawing to describe his documents of objects from nature. Camera-less photography since Fox-Talbot has moved away from the document; this work, on the other hand, is documentary.
Here are examples of personal collecting and examples of social collecting, with the two types being different experiences of the natural world. It is History that differentiates between the social and the personal. Working with museum collections demands attention to taxonomy – naming the world – which leads to considerations of symbolic representation.
How does symbolic thinking affect the intention to create a document? Shadows are both the most perfect and the least perfect records.
Vantage point as it influences representation is a concern in Art as well as in Physics.
The 18th century term for scientific instruments was philosophical apparatus.
The advantage of imposed limitations is that those limitations allow you to work.”