Opening Reception May 22, 7:00 – 8:30pm

Now You Know is not a culmination or distillation of the essence of our past four years here, but rather just another step through one of many doorways. There are themes we’re familiar with: time, space, light, color, home, locality, personal narrative, etc, but none can speak to the breadth of this show and its 37 artists, each with their own formal and conceptual concerns. What’s exciting about a group show is that these many themes become passageways instead of descriptors – the gallery becomes a maze of windows, each peering into some new world or idea. Connections arise differently for each visitor and participant. It would be reductive to say the show is about one thing, or certain things – instead we encourage viewers to pass through it with ease and delight: thinking, feeling, and sensing the objects and images present. We hope this creates a space for visitors to the gallery to reflect on their time through the lenses of the pieces they observe.

A group show of the 2018 graduating seniors in visual arts at Bennington College.

Includes work by: Michael Ash, Maria Vargas Aguilar, Aidan Baxter-Ferguson, Caleb Blansett, Jenna Brewer, Faruk Calkic, Ariana Chaves, Olive Couri, David DaSilva, Susie Dole, Martín Feld, Owen Gerber-Hatem, Kevin Prince Gilligan, Zoe Huey, Jordan Jacobs, Cole Krasner, Jonas Lafortezza, Benjamin Lee, Drew Lucia, Elana Mendelsohn, Fionnuala Murphy, Linh Nam Nguyen, Jeanelle Ortiz-Quezadas, Louisa Owen, Isabella Poulas, Chloe Shelford, Mary Alice Stewart, Zadie Ross, Michaela Thurber, Lazar Vujanic, Pixel West, Sundara Ziegler