November 8 - December 8, 2016

Gallery Open Through December 8

Tuesday-Saturday 1-5pm

Open Studios November 8-30

Gallery Talk and Reception with the Artists

Tuesday November 29, 7pm

Ariel Herwitz ’06


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Ariel Hurwitz

Ariel Herwitz (b.1983 Atlanta, GA.) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She earned a B.A. from Bennington College in 2006, and an M.F.A. from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2011. Her work has been exhibited throughout Los Angeles at Marine Projects, Loudhailer, Greene Exhibitions, and Ambach and Rice, as well as across the United States and she recently completed her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, at Ochi Projects.   Her works explore through form, composition, color and texture, ideas of interpretation, understanding, and the subjectivity of the view or gaze.

Georgia Lassner ’09

Georgia Lassner is an artist living in Los Angeles, California.  Always searching for value outside of production, Georgia will present a kind of ready-made, using the context of her return to Bennington and the site of Usdan Gallery to construct an artwork that straddles, and perhaps muddles, the past and the present.

Georgia Lassner

Georgia’s artwork has been shown at The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY; The Ogunquit Museum, Ogunquit ME; The Bennington Museum, Bennington, VT; the Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria; the Brea Gallery, Brea, CA; and most recently at Human Resources, Los Angeles.  Georgia holds an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts.

Rainer Hunt ’13

Rainer Sinclair Hunt lives and works in Manhattan. She explores light & form within space through subtle moments, trying to understand what draws people to colors, materials and forms. How does one create cohesive combinations – - – are we inherently born with an understanding? influenced by our surroundings? can it be taught? Pulling from her recent experiences on production shoots in a highly designed commercial industry has lead her to realize that every decision no matter how small affects perception.

Rainer Hunt

Since graduating with a B.A. from Bennington College in 2013 she has struggled to find a balance between making and surviving. Recently she has begun experimenting with resin in her Alphabet City apartment, bringing in lighting gels she collected from work she plays on the subtle yet chaotic moments, creating meditations on specific times and spaces. At first drawn to the clear crisp affect of resin, she is discovering the nuances inherent to the material. This means at times having to learn to work with the complex erratic outcomes, all which seem to humorously (maybe metaphorically) play on her life as a young artist.

Raised in Paris, Texas. Rainer resides in New York and is an Assistant to a Director.


Floryn Honnet ’13

Challenging preconceived notions of a material’s use, context, and worth, my work addresses values, concepts, and stories that are visually ingrained in society. By employing methods of collage (paint, plastic, foam, frames, tape, wood, images, sounds, smells) I examine the noise we experience on a daily basis. Concerns include: internalized cultural conceptions, limits of language, attempts to situating oneself both vastly and remotely, finding beauty in rubble, adult nightmares, repetition, replication, simulation.  A teenage couple walking past a Pottery Barn, one of them turns to the other and says: “One day all of our stuff will be from Pottery Barn.”

Floryn Honnet

Floryn Honnet was born in Racine, Wisconsin, spent her childhood in London and Tokyo, and teenage years in Newton, Massachusetts. She received her BA from Bennington College in 2013, from there moved to Hudson, New York, where she lived and worked and worked for two years and began her practice of an annual cross country road trip. She now lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn, pursuing her dream of working odd jobs. She has been a camp counselor, a bus driver, a shelf stocker, a dog sitter, a beer representative, an amateur stone carver, an installer, an intern, a student, a photo technician, a sandwich seller, an art handler, studio assistant, and artist.