VBS (violet burning sunset) consists of two shows in one room. the first show features work by ethan knechel, helen mirra, tom sachs, lauren seiden and alison veit and consists entirely of artworks that eschew color and embrace solid materiality in mostly muted and gray tones. the second features work by amanda church, martha grover, odili donald odita, devin o’brien power and cyle metzger. these artists employ color and illusionistic space to an intense effect, and often allow vivid palettes to invite metaphysical interpretations. it’s basically a celebration of very-well-made objects, and hopefully it will feel to the viewer like a prism projecting multicolored refractions from one side of USDAN to the other.

Featured Artists

Amanda Church ’76
Martha Grover ’02
Ethan Knechel ’08
Cyle Metzger ’08
Helen Mirra ’91
Odili Donald Odita ’90
Devin O’Brien Power ’05
Tom Sachs ’89
Lauren Seiden ’03
Alison Veit ’11
Curated by Todd von Ammon (’09)


Tuesday, September 20


Saturday, September 24, 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Visual Arts Lecture Series

Tuesday, September 20, 7:00pm
Todd von Ammon with Cyle Metzger

Gallery Talk

Saturday, September 24, 3:30pm – 4:30pm
with Odili Donald Odita, Devin O’Brien Power, and Lauren Seiden


Sunday, October 16

Gallery Hours

Tuesday – Saturday, 1:00pm – 5:00pm